Preventative Maintenance

Filtertech offers as a service to our customers a preventative maintenance program to insure that our Filtertech equipment is operating to design specifications. Many of our customers find that they no longer have the process and maintenance staff to handle the required preventative maintenance on their plant equipment.

Like yourself we at Filtertech feel that proper preventative maintenance inspections and adjustments contribute a great deal to proper and efficient operation of your equipment.

With this in mind, we offer the following preventative maintenance program which will help insure long, efficient, operational life for your Filtertech equipment.

The standard PM program consists of the following...

Three visits would be made yearly to your facility by one of our qualified service engineers. The engineer will review operation of all Filtertech equipment you have in your plant. Normal adjustments will be made at that time.

Additionally, operational recommendations will be discussed which will help assure maximum efficiency of the equipment. A report will be supplied after the visit, listing any additional recommendations such as replacement parts or additional service, which we feel would be required to enhance proper operation.

The list below outlines just some of the items covered with this program.

  • Level Control Adjustments
  • Level Warning Adjustments
  • Pressure And Flowrate Adjustments
  • Conveyor Belt Tension Adjustment
  • Index Control Adjustment
  • Vacuum Adjustment
  • Pump Amperage Check
  • Vacuum Producer Amperage Check
  • Drive Motor Amperage Check
  • Checkgate Inspection
  • Moving Seal Inspection
  • Flatwire Belt Inspection
  • Track And Seal Angle Inspection
  • Surface Corrosion Inspection
  • Media Selection Evaluation
  • Overall System Operation Evaluation
  • Personnel Training

Properly maintained, your Filtertech equipment will provide years of continued service. For pricing or to customize your preventative maintenance program:

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