Filtertech Acquires US Centrifuge Systems

July 20, 2016

Filtertech Acquires US Centrifuge Systems

Filtertech, Inc. located in Manlius NY, has recently acquired US Centrifuge Systems and added their line of automatic and manual basket type centrifuges to the already extensive Filtertech line of filtration and related equipment.

A business partner for decades, US Centrifuge was a perfect fit to enhance Filtertech’s efforts in the wire and cable industry, glass grinding, and paint as well as the many other new, well established industrial applications serviced by USCS, where clients require complete systems as solutions to their liquid solids separation requirements.

Filtertech is an international producer of liquid filtration and waste disposal systems for industrial coolant applications including wire drawing, aluminum and steel rolling, machining, grinding, process water applications such as CV water, caster water, vibratory applications, and optical lens grinding. Systems include vacuum, gravity and pressure filters, centrifuges, magnetic separators, oil water separators, evaporators, and vacuum distillation units.

Contact Filtertech directly or US Centrifuge Systems, a division of Filtertech, as the website and contact numbers will not change.

Filtertech, Inc.: 


US Centrifuge Systems, a division of Filtertech: 


Filtertech, Inc. and US Centrifuge Systems, a division of Filtertech:

113 Fairgrounds Drive

Manlius, NY 13104