Model LGF Gravity Filter


lgf 1The Filtertech Model LGF liquid gravity filter provides efficient clarification in a variety of applications. The compact design provides efficient deep pool filtration in restricted locations. The filter is designed for fully- automatic operation through its prewired 110 volt control panel. With minimal installation requirements, the Model LGF can be up and running in no time. The unit is available in several sizes for various flowrate requirements.

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Mode of Operation

Dirty liquid enters the specially-designed side inlet header, which slows the velocity and discharges onto the liquid surface. Generation of the liquid pool has been achieved by formation of a solids “cake” on disposable media. As this “cake” becomes tighter and thicker, liquid flow through the media is restricted, causing the pool level to rise, which initiates movement of the conveyor systems. As the liquid flow increases through the fresh media, the pool level drops, thus terminating the media index.

The solids-laden media, which has exited the liquid pool, is discharged into a disposal receptacle.

lgf figure 1

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