Model LGEN-BR Compactor


The Filtertech Model LGEN-BR Compactor System provides an effective means for optical lens generating. Compressing and dewatering swarf 20:1 volume reductions are realized while also removing virtually all coolant from the swarf. The result is a very dry, hard puck shaped briquette. The system can be set up to operate on its own by simply feeding the unit with loose swarf, either automatically via a conveyor system or by dumping tubs of swarf into the feed hopper. The system can also be set up in front of a Filtertech Coolant Filtration System. Dirty coolant with swarf can be pumped directly to the LGEN-BR System. The bulky swarf is formed into pucks while the coolant flows through to the filter system for ultra-clean clarification. A single LGEN-BR4-2000 can handle up to 16 generators.

Mode of Operation