Model LF Gravity Filter

lf 1

In a number of filtration applications, floor space is at a premium with very little room for a filter along with the space needed for a clean supply pump and reservoir tank. In addition, many of these applications also require a low invert in to the filter for gravity draining as opposed to installing a transfer sump. To meet these requirements and also to provide highly-efficient media filtration, Filtertech offers our “Li'l Fil” Coolant Filtration System. The “Li'l Fil” Coolant Filtration System offers an automatic indexing media filter design, integral reservoir tank, and clean supply pump at a very economical price. Along with its low 12" invert and compact design, the “Li'l Fil” can be located along side most machines thus providing a complete stand- alone coolant.

Mode of Operation

Dirty liquid is either pumped or flows by gravity in to the side inlet of the filter. The liquid passes through the low velocity inlet distribution header where it is discharged in to the bed of the filter.

lf figure 1

As the liquid passes through the filter, solids are removed by the disposable filter media while the clean liquid drains by gravity into the integral reservoir tank located beneath the filter. Over time the solids accumulate on the surface of the media forming a filter “cake” which further improves filtrate clarity through depth filtration. Over time a preset timer energizes the media drive which automatically indexes fresh media into the filter while expelling the spent media out the opposite end. The clean liquid in the reservoir tank is then pumped by an optional pedestal type centrifugal pump back to the work for reuse thus providing a complete turnkey system.

The “Li'l Fil” filtration system is controlled by a 110V control panel and optional 460 volt pump control mounted on the filtration system for easy operation and control.

The solids-laden media, which has exited the liquid pool, is discharged into a disposal receptacle.