Model GSF Gravity Filter

gsf15The Filtertech model GSF deep bed gravity filter incorporates a very moderate discharge ramp to accommodate numerous applications relative to filter “cake” thickness and type of solids generated. The extended ramp allows for additional drying of the filter “cake” and media prior to discharge. The design of the filter incorporates a very deep liquid pool that develops a high pressure drop across the filter media, allowing higher filtration rates and lower filter media consumption along with positive labyrinth side seals for very high efficiency filtration.

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Mode of Operation

The dirty liquid to be clarified can either be pumped or flow by gravity into the bed of the filter. A layer of disposable filter media is positioned within the filter and is supported by a flat wire conveyor belt and the conveyor rollers. The solids accumulate on the surface of the media to create an effective filter “cake” which allows extremely fine particulate to be removed. Over time, the filter cake becomes thicker and more dense such that the filtrate rate through the media decreases allowing the level in the liquid pool to rise. This signals the drive to index the collected solids out of the filter in short increments while also introducing fresh media. The liquid level drops whereby indexing is stopped, thus, providing fully automatic operation. The filter includes Filtertech’s patented labyrinth positive side seal design which creates a double side seal to prevent migration of solids around the edge of the filter media.

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