Filtertech is "Wire Drawing Filtration"

Wire SystemFor over 45 years, Filtertech has serviced the wire industry by providing state-of-the-art filtration and waste disposal systems for every facet of the process from drawing, waste emulsion disposal, annealing, deionized water make-up, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing. When it comes to dedicated service and a record of continued innovative technology advancements in filtration, Filtertech is the industry leader.  







annealer quench

Copper Wire Drawing

For copper wire drawing applications, Filtertech offers highly efficient media filters and complete filtration systems which clarify the oil-water emulsion as well as provide temperature control to remove excess heat from the system. Filtertech’s systems are designed for either single machine use or multiple machines in a centralized system. Systems include filters, reservoir tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, temperature, pressure and level control devices along with a control panel for completely automatic operation of the system. To complete the system package, Filtertech also provides transfer sumps to return the dirty coolant to the filtration system when gravity returns are not possible. 



copper wire drawing

Annealer Quench

For resistance annealing applications, Filtertech offers efficient media clarifiers and complete systems for the removal of copper or aluminum fines and smut generated in the annealing process. This improves cleanliness of the wire along with reducing plate out in the annealer. 




Continuous cast

Continuous Cast Rod Rolling

For continuous cast rolling of copper and aluminum rod, Filtertech offers self-cleaning conveyorized tanks with efficient flat bed vacuum filters for a wide range of flow requirements. This equipment efficiently removes solids generated during the rolling process as well as other contaminants which result in metal inclusions in the rod and subsequent wire breaks in down stream drawing processes. This helps to achieve the highest quality rod while at the same time extends coolant life and reduces roll wear.   



aluminum wire draw

Aluminum Wire Drawing

For aluminum wire drawing applications, Filtertech offers six models of highly efficient, fully automatic centrifuges which when operated on a bypass basis, provide dramatically improved oil clarity and reduced viscosity. Filtertech couples these centrifuges with a unique reservoir tank design that maximizes solids removal from the oil. As with the copper wire drawing, these systems are available with heat exchangers for temperature control of the oil.   




apf 1

Steel Wire Drawing and Zinc Phosphating

For drawing stainless steel wire, Filtertech offers an automatic pressure filter (APF) to remove these fine particulates. In addition the pressure filter provides excellent clarity for zinc phosphating baths as well.  





cooling towerCooling Tower and CV Line Cooling Water

To remove heat from many of the drawing emulsions and oils being used, Filtertech provides complete non-contact cooling water systems which include the cooling tower, reservoir tanks, recirculation pumps and clarifiers when necessary. In addition, Filtertech also offers filters and complete filtration systems for the clarification of contact cooling water used on CV insulating lines.





teb 1

Wastewater / Emulsion Disposal Systems

For the waste minimization and disposal of wire drawing emulsions and aqueous cleaners, Filtertech offers several treatment options. The Filtertech Model TEB wastewater evaporator removes the water phase from the coolant through evaporation. This process reduces the waste disposal volume significantly to minimize your overall disposal cost.