Spent Media Rewinders

smr floorIn the filtration of many oil and oil-water emulsions used in metal working, both gravity and vacuum filters are used to remove the particulate contaminants from the coolant. These filters use a variety of different types of filter media to trap the particulates while allowing the coolant to pass through. As the media becomes blinded with particulates, indexing occurs automatically, which introduces fresh media into the filter, while at the same time discharging spent material out the opposite end of the filter.

The spent media exiting the filter has traditionally been collected in drums, hoppers and corrugated boxes. This method, however, results in collection containers overflowing with spent media, a dirty work area and a less dense package for collection resulting in higher disposal costs.

The Filtertech model SMR spent media rewinder solves these issues by rewinding the media onto a roll for easier disposal management.