Machining Filtration

cnc machineMachining equipment operations include drilling, tapping, reaming, gun drilling, cross drilling and tapping, deburring, knurling, broaching, milling, honing, slotting, turning, stamping, etc. Many of these processes require the use of water-soluble coolants, emulsions and cutting and honing oils. The process requires continuous filtration to prevent accumulation of solids. This is typically accomplished using a gravity type indexing media filter, liquid vacuum filter or air vacuum filter. The choice of filter is dependent on the size of the system being serviced. Complete machining coolant filtration system packages including tanks, pumps, heat exchanger and controls can be proposed.

Absorption Filters


Pressure Filters

Oil Skimmers

Vacuum Filters

Gravity Filters

Magnetic Separators

Oil-Water Separators

Dewatering Filters

Spent Media Rewinders


Vacuum Distillation