With over 40 years of experience, Filtertech has designed and manufactured filtration applications for more than 10 different industries and over 25 different applications, including Aluminum Rolling FiltrationCooling Tower Filtration and Aluminum Wire Drawing Filtration. If you don't see the application that you are looking for, please contact us.

Aluminum Rolling Filtration

Aluminum Wire Drawing Filtration

Brass Rolling Filtration

Continuous Cast Aluminum Filtration

Continuous Cast Copper Filtration

Cooling Tower Filtration

Copper Rolling Filtration

Copper Wire Drawing Filtration

Grinding Filtration

Machining Filtration

Metal Finishing Filtration

Optical Lens Generating Coolant Filtration

Optical Lens Generating Swarf Management

Paint Sludge Dewatering Filtration

Phosphate Filtration

Process & Waste Water Treatment

Spent Coolant Disposal Filtration

Steel Rolling Filtration

Steel Wire Drawing Filtration